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Kościół Najświętszego Salwatora Kraków

Church of the Holy Saviour in Cracow

Biały, kamienny Kościół Najświętszego Salwatora z zewnątrz. Koło niego znajdują sie gołe drzewa, a teren otoczony jest niskim murkiem.
Św. Bronisławy 9, 30-203 Kraków Tourist region: Kraków i okolice
tel. +48 124244360
tel. +48 512802122
This historical church is located in the district of Zwierzyniec, on a small hillock that constitutes the eastern end of the hill of Blessed Bronisława. It is said to be one of the most beautifully situated churches in Cracow.
The niches of the graveyard wall contain memorial plaques, tombstones etc. of Kościuszko's companion, Józef Weryha-Darowski and his brother Feliks, who took part in the battles of Racławice and Szczekociny. A small clearing around the church unfolds a magnificent view of the Vistula river bend.

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