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Pomnik Nieznanego Żołnierza Tarnów

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Tarnów

Pomnik z kamienia i płyt, zwieńczony żelaznym zniczem - urną, stoi na placu. W tle kamienice i wieża kościoła.

pl. Ofiar Katynia, 33-100 Tarnów Tourist region: Tarnów i okolice

Unveiled in 1931, the tomb has a form of a mound build-up of stones, including artificial porphyry and erratic boulders. Its upper part is a polygonal plinth made of sandstone and a plaque inscribed with: “To the Unknown Polish Soldier who sacrificed his life for Our Homeland, 1914-1920”.
The monument is topped with a tall, metal grave lantern, which symbolizes an olive oil lamp. Inside, there are three urns with earth from the cemeteries of the Polish Legionnaires. In front of the mound there is a flowerbed with white and red flowers. In the interwar period, all the commemorative ceremonies to the fallen soldiers as well as those celebrating most important events of WWI in Tarnów where held here. From 10 November, 1914 to 6 May, 1915 the city was occupied by the Russian Army. From December, 1915 until the end of WWI, as a frontline town, it survived several artillery bombings. In one, building of a train station was destroyed.

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