Valleys, gorges

Białe wapienne skały w dolinie.

Formations which were created mainly due to massive effort of the rivers which, controlled by an invisible force for many centuries and ignoring numerous obstacles, proved that through destruction creation can also take place.   The formation of valleys is related to a varied lie of the land because rives of incredible power flow down from high areas to the lower ones. They look for the best routes, cut into the ground and take the material they meet in their way. The material is further processed and ground down en route. If this process of carving lasts millions of years, the channel widens and lowers. As a result valleys, gorges and ravines, etc. form. Icebergs work slightly faster because they also remove almost everything they meet in their way and they expand quickly. They also die quickly and turn into, by no means idle, rivers which flow from mountain regions.    North-western areas of Kraków offer the abundance of valleys which were formed as a result of rivers working their way through. Vast valley sides obscure further landscape there; you can walk along almost invisible paths leading along their bottoms or relax by the river when it’s really hot. Small Tatra valleys also offer such experiences but more glacial in nature. 

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