4. Treasures hidden in crystals. The salt mines of the Małopolska region are a world full of mysteries and surprises!

Saint Kinga’s Chapel, tourists listening to a guide’s story and an underground train in the Bochnia Salt Mine.
Underground boat crossings, unique accommodation, fascinating history and a beneficial microclimate. These and many other attractions are waiting for you in the salt mines of the Małopolska region! Wieliczka and Bochnia are places where you will experience an incredible adventure, breathe a full (and very healthy!) breath, and see the wonders once enjoyed by... Nicolaus Copernicus! How to visit the royal salt mines? We will tell you that!

‘Wieliczka’ Salt Mine and health resort

The salt mine in Wieliczka is a place that everyone should visit at least once in their lives. If you have not already done so, now is the perfect time! When the weather is blustery and rainy, the temperature in the Wieliczka mine is and pleasant, even cosy. The entire route, which passes brine lakes and underground chambers, including the spectacular and world-renowned, one-of-a-kind Chapel of St Kinga, requires about 3 hours of your time, 800 stairs and a good mood!

It is a world deep underground, whose history has been written since the Middle Ages. The  salt underground included in the tourist route is only 2% of what the Małopolska mines are hiding. But don’t be afraid that it isn’t enough and that you’ll get bored! On this 3.5 kilometre route you will see bungee jumping sites and where preparations were made for the Guinness Book of Records record-breaking balloon flight underground! You will also see the nooks and crannies known from the iconic film Sex Mission, and listen to Chopin during a beautiful and extremely magical light and music show in one of the salt chambers.

But most importantly! Wieliczka is not only a tourist attraction, it is also a health resort! A stay in the underground salt passages alleviates respiratory diseases and allergy complaints. Medical services in pulmonology, allergology and ENT can be accessed here. And after coming to the surface, you can further strengthen yourself in the brine graduation tower, which offers a microclimate that is excellent for your mood and physical condition. Remember: salt health is never enough!

A visit to the ‘Wieliczka’ Salt Mine can be combined with a stay in Kraków. There is a regular public transport service from the city centre that will take you straight to the gates of the salt world!

Bochnia Salt Mine – by a boat through the chamber

The salt mine in Bochnia is the older sister of the Wieliczka mine. It is the oldest mine on Polish soil where rock salt was extracted. Since 1248, this place has been the beating heart of the Bochnia Land. The underground world in Bochnia is just as fabulous and interesting as the one in Wieliczka. Here you can take a trip on a raft boat through the flooded salt chamber, which is unique in the world! No other salt mine offers such a great attraction!

Or why not try something completely new and dare to spend the night in the Ważyn salt chamber located 250 metres underground? This is something you will definitely remember for a long time! The microclimate in the Bochnia mine is also excellent for the body and has a health-promoting effect. If you want to get stronger, brush up on your respiratory system and enjoy something extremely relaxing, a stay in a salt mine is a good idea, maybe even a perfect one!

Tourist attractions that care not only for the aesthetic experience but also for health? Such combinations are available only in the Małopolska region! Autumn time is perfect to explore and experience the world, so why not start with some of the greatest of its treasures –the ones hidden underground?

We assure you that the salt mines will awaken in you the desire for more adventures in no time, and we will do our best to provide you with further inspiration. Check back here regularly, because we’ll always have interesting places to show you!


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