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Drewniana zabudowa Krynica-Zdrój

The Wooden Buildings of Krynica-Zdrój

Duży, ciemny, drewniany budynek trzykondygnacyjny z poddaszem, z wieżyczką na rogu z balkonami i jaskółkami na poddaszu. Okna prostokątne. Dach pokryty blachą. Po lewej stornie rośnie duże drzewo i żywopłot. Budynek stoi przy rzece, w tle widać rosnące drzewa.

33-380 Krynica-Zdrój Tourist region: Beskid Sądecki i Niski

The unique atmosphere of the "pearl of Polish spas" is created not only from the location, but by the unique, charming wooden buildings. The oldest villas are over 150 years old!

The most beautiful, richly carved wooden houses in Krynica were erected in the second half of the 19th century because of the increasing amount of visitors.The magnificent villas recall the architecture of Alpine spas and health resorts. They usually have spacious front porches supported by pillars and one or two levels of balconies. The elevations are decorated with bay windows, turrets and verandas. Many interesting houses have survived on the Dietl Boulevard. We can see, among others, the Biała Róża villa, which is one of the oldest ones, built in 1856. It houses the "Maleńka" café and the "Krynicka" restaurant.The Biały Orzeł villa was built around 1857, according to a design by Bronisław Babel. The F. Chopin State Music School has been in the Kosynier villa since 1959. The Węgierska Korona villa (circa 1880) presents a Swiss style and now houses a restaurant and pizzeria. The Wisła guesthouse comes from the second half of the 19th century. It has retained its original appearance and structure to this day. Helena Modrzejewska, Ludwik Solski, Gabriela Zapolska and Tadeusz Boy Żeleński were known to have stayed here. The Witoldówka villa from 1888, once housed the famous Dietary Institute of Dr. Bolesław Skórczewski. It treated diseases of the digestive system, heart, obesity and diabetes. After several fires, Witoldówka had to be rebuilt and is now made of brick under the wooden formwork, to protect against fire. The beautiful Romanówka villa houses the Nikifor Museum. You can admire the paintings of the genius and world-famous primitive painter – Epiphanius Drowniak (1895-1968), known as Nikifor Krynicki. Until 1990, this villa was located in a different place, but it was demolished and after a conservation renovation (1992-1994), and was recreated in the city centre, on the Dietla Boulevard. In the Słotwiński Park, which can be reached by ul. Piłsudskiego, you can see the oldest spa facility of the resort – the wooden Słotwinka pump room from 1806 or 1808. There is a new attraction – the Brine Graduation Tower, designed in its likeness and opened in 2019.

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