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Apilandia - Interaktywne Centrum Pszczelarstwa

Apilandia – Interactive Beekeeping Centre


Klecza Dolna ul. Pszczela/2, 34-124 Klecza Dolna Tourist region: Beskid Mały i Makowski

tel. +48 690192767
tel. +48 517203452
This interactive exhibition is the only place in Poland where the subject of bees and the secrets of their lives is promoted in such a professional manner. The Centre hosts tours from all over Poland – mainly school groups, summer camp groups, as well as tourist groups from nearby Pope’s city – Wadowice; the Centre is visited by entire families.
History and modernity have been combined here in an incredible way: tradition and innovation. The exhibition combines using a variety of multimedia technologies, interactive installations and visual animations. The museum halls are located in restored historical undergrounds, which perfectly serve the imagination of visitors and create an unforgettable atmosphere. Meeting the existing need for animation and education and inspired by the bold idea of combining the worlds of beekeeping and natural education brought to life a modern and friendly place, which is also an attractive tourist site. APILANIDA is an example of a science popularisation centre which is now a recognized model for innovative education dedicated to all age groups. Our aim is to make visitors aware that modern beekeeping technology and the care for the life of bees go hand in hand. The educational offer of the project is mainly designed for children and youth; we want to stimulate the curiosity of young people and encourage them to further deepen their knowledge. The interactive exhibition is complemented by professional beekeeping workshops, including the production of bee wax candles, as well as tasting of different types of honeys and apiculture products. We propose specific topics for workshops tailored to different age groups. The whole is complemented by a visit to the educational apiary (under the guidance of the instructor).

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