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Bacówka Jana Wilczka Kacwin

Jan Wilczek's Shepherd's Hut in Kacwin

Na stawiskach

Kacwin Tourist region: Tatry i Podhale

The most beautiful pastures in the Podtatrze region can be found in the Spisz. A beautiful green pasture stretches here, above Kacwin. Life here goes on at its own pace: sheep's milk is transported by a beautiful grey horse, oscypek is slowly being smoked in the shepherd's huts, and among the meadows, you can find the sward, unique to pastures. Senior shepherd, Jan Wilczek, shepherds in the Głębokie. He has more than 700 sheep in his flock and several years of experience. He used to be a shepherd's helper in Jaworki.
Wilczek is one of those shepherds who not only make oscypek, but also żętyca. Why? 'Some people like to snack, others like to drink', explains the shepherds, who usually focus on producing gazda cheese and other similar products.

Senior shepherd Jan Wilczek is a friend of people and animals. It is absolutely impossible not to like him, which is why it is worth setting aside more time for a visit to his shepherd's hut. At no other place will you meet as many dogs as at Stawiska. In addition to the pleasant atmosphere, delicious cheeses, and żętyca, you can count on wonderful views – the glades above Kacwic are considered among the most charming in the Spisz. They lie in close proximity to the Polish-Slovak border, and five kilometres north of Kacwin is Niedzica Castle and the dam on the Dunajec River. Cheeses made in the shepherd's hut: korbacz, gołka, żentyca, oscypek, bryndza, and bundz. The following dogs are kept in the shepherd's hut: Tokaj, Sonia, Łostroń, Limba, Dolina, Turnia, Baciar, Bela, Gronik, and Dżeki. Source: informatoriumkarpackie.pl. (Link to the website of the Carpathian Informatorium).

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