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Chata Kocjana Rabsztyn

Kocjan Cottage Rabsztyn

Wiejska chata Kocjana o białych ścianach i gontowym dachu w Rabsztynie.

Rabsztyn 20, 32-300 Rabsztyn Tourist region: Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska

tel. +48 324943966
tel. +48 327065231
Antoni Kocjan was born in 1902 in the village of Skalskie (currently in the outskirts of Olkusz). In 2004 his house (from 1862) was dismantled and then restored at the foot of the castle in Rabsztyn.
Today, the cottage houses a tourist information point and a mini-museum. We can discover there household appliances from the early 20th century, and, above all, learn the story of an extraordinary man. Antoni Kocjan was one of the most outstanding pre-war glider designers. Among all the 1,400 gliders built in Poland in the 1930s, more than half were designed by Kocjan himself. During the war, Kocjan managed the Air Intelligence Department of the Home Army –Polish resistance movement, and took part in uncovering the secrets of the German V1 and V2 weapons, which had a huge impact on the course of the war. He also participated in the production of weapons for the resistance movement, and ran a secret printing house in the basement of his former gliding workshops. Unfortunately, in 1944 he was arrested, tortured and shot.

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