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Rezerwat przyrody Pazurek

Pazurek nature reserve

Widok na rezerwat przyrody Pazurek w centralnej części znajduję się osoba tyłem spoglądająca na rezerwat.

Pazurek Tourist region: Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska

The Pazurek Reserve was created in 2008 and covers an area of 187.91 ha between the provincial road no. 783 connecting Olkusz and Wolbrom and the railway line.
The highest hill in the reserve is Zubowe Rocks (440.6 m above sea level) creating an unusual rock town. It is the highest, largest and most impressive of the 11 rock complexes within the reserve. The entire area of the reserve is covered with rich forest complexes, including the floristically valuable Sudetic and thermophilic beech forests. Many species of rare plants grow in the undergrowth as well as in the vicinity of the rocks, including 20 protected species, such as, among others, bear leek, perennial honesty and hart's tongue fern. The southern slopes of the hills are covered with thermophilic beech orchid. You can find here rare orchids, including broad-leaved helleborine, white helleborine and coralroot, as well as spring peas or bastard balm emitting a characteristic lemon smell. There are 290 species of vascular plants within the reserve, including several dozen protected ones with rare orchids, 86 species of bryophytes and 22 species of cap mushrooms and over 100 species of animals. There are 35 species of birds in the beech forests of the reserve, and 18 species in pine forests. A nature trail, marked in red, runs through the area of the reserve, forming an over 5 km circular pedestrian and educational trail that starts at the local train station. In the vicinity of the reserve is a modernist hospital building (nowadays a lung disease hospital) built in 1934. There are also two blue trails connecting routes from the PKP railway station in Jaroszowiec and from the forest car park at the provincial road no. 783 near Pazurek.

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