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Dolina Strążyska

The Strążyska Valley

Dolina Strążyska

Zakopane Tourist region: Tatry i Podhale

An alternative short trip to the Tatra Mountains is a walk through the red-marked Strążyska Valley trail leading directly towards Giewont. Even though the hike takes less than 1-hour, it provides many aesthetic experiences.

The awe-inspiring and heart-stopping over 800-metre-high northern wall of Giewont dominates the end of the Valley. At its foot, just 15 minutes from the main trail in the Valley, there is a place not to be missed, namely the source of the highly charming Siklawica Waterfall. Within the Strążyska Glade, there is a tea house where one can relax and drink coffee or tea while enjoying the beauty of the glittering Giewont ridge. From the Strążyska Valley, one can also go to the Grzybowiec Pass, which leads to Giewont, or along Ścieżka nad Reglami to the Sarnia Rock, with a stunning panorama of Giewont, Długi Giewont, Krokiew and Zakopane.

The Strążyska Valley is easily accessible from the centre of Zakopane; there is also a car park and a bus stop at the end of the Valley.

Admission to the Valley is paid.

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