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Kąpielisko Szymoszkowa Zakopane

Szymoszkowa Bathing Site Zakopane

Basen wokół drzewa, a nad nim błękitne niebo. W tle widok na Giewont.

Polana Szymoszkowa 2, 34-500 Zakopane Tourist region: Tatry i Podhale

tel. +48 182017230
The bathing site at the Szymoszkowa Polana is a typical outdoor recreational facility.
Around a huge pool filled with geothermal water at 30°C, there is a large sunbathing area with a separated beach volleyball pitch. The location of the hotel offers magnificent views of Giewont and other Tatra peaks. Mineralised water filling the pool comes from the Szymoszkowa well that reaches the depth of 1,700 metres. The water has health properties, it contains valuable micro-elements and elements (calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium). The pool resembles the shape of a natural pond whose edges, at least partially, gently move downwards. It is divided into half with a small dike. The shallow part is equipped with slides for the little ones and a water cascade mushroom. Children over 10 years of age (who are at least 140 cm tall) can enter a large slide, with 4 tracks, located on the other side of the pool. Catering. The bathing area features an inn serving warm meals. In its building, there are also locker rooms. The site is open only in summer (from the end of June to the beginning of September), from 9:00 to dawn.

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