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Kuter Port Nieznanowice

Kuter Port, Nieznanowice

Szeroka, piaszczysta plaża, kilka osób siedzi na kocach a za nią akwen wodny z kąpiącymi się ludźmi. Po prawo duży, biały namiot i kilka drzew. Na niebie zachodzące słońce.

32-420 Marszowice Tourist region: Pogórza

tel. +48 123858555
Organiser: Kuter Port Nieznanowice
32-420 Marszowice
The Kuter Port holiday complex in Nieznanowice near Gdów was designed and developed to resemble a seaside resort. The fenced area of more than 30 hectares feature a sandy beach, a swimming pool, a fishery, a restaurant with a banquet hall, a recreational area, a camping site and cottages — all of which can be used all year round. All of this is located only 40 kilometres from the heart of Krakow.

The vast sandy and grassy beach with a large relaxation zone features a swimming pool divided into three depth zones – a paddling pool for children (0.4 m); zone for non-swimmers (1.2 m) and a swimmer zone (1.8 m), all overseen by professional lifeguards. The beach-goers can also enjoy the cool shelter beneath thatched roofs, where they can sit down, grab a quick bite, and shelter from the sun. There are toilets, showers, changing rooms and refreshments and also a shop selling poolside necessities. There is free parking for several hundred vehicles right next to the beach, with bike parking stalls at the ticket offices. Kuter Port also has a fishing area, divided into two zones – one of which accommodates up to 40 people fishing together, while the other is divided into 13 individual zones for people, who are looking for some peace and quiet. 
Those wishing to spend a few days here can take advantage of accommodation on a campsite or in comfortable cottages. There is also a restaurant, which offers dishes made of fresh fish. The resort is surrounded by hiking and cycling trails, as well as ponds and green areas. All the visitors coming to Kuter Port invariably have one thing in common – they are looking for a place where they can relax away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, in a secluded location, yet which isn’t far from the urban areas.

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