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Eko-muzeum Sobolów

Eco Museum in Sobolów

budynek drewniany ze sprzętami

Sobolów 124, 32-742 Sobolów Tourist region: Pogórza

tel. +48 146854519
tel. +48 605528408
Here you will feel as if you were on your grandparents' farm decades ago. You will be able to enter a chicken hatchery from the 19th century, see how a tobacco slicer works and how querns work.

The eco-museum is housed in a stylish wooden cottage, the single-storey walls of which have been woven from wicker. It is not a completely ordinary house. It was built by Józef Kluba, a farmer and an enthusiast of the history of agriculture. This is how he fulfilled his dream of a place where he could show the collections he had been making for more than 20 years. These are objects and tools used on farms in the 19th and 20th centuries. The extensive collection includes grain mills, querns, old irons, organs, as well as a unique collection of spinning wheels and a horse-drawn cart. The museum is surrounded by a mini-resort, featuring, among other things, replicas of cannons reconstructed on the basis of Jan Matejko's painting 'Battle of Racławice'.  Jozef Kluba divided his museum into two parts; in the first he placed agricultural objects and those that are essential for everyday life on the farm. So here you will find a Dutch wooden automatic washing machine, a pre-war potato digger or 19th century cow yokes. In the second part, which is a reconstruction of an old chamber, you will see collections of watches, a cheese belt and antique beds. It is an amazing lesson of history and tradition. 

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