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Kościół Świętej Trójcy i Świętego Antoniego Opata Łopuszna

The Parish Church of the Holy Trinity in Łopuszna

Drewniany kościół o jasnych ścianach i ciemnym dachu, z wieżą. Przy nim kilka drzew oraz drewniane ogrodzenie na kamiennej podmurówce. W tle widać góry.

ul. Gorczańska 1, 34-432 Łopuszna Tourist region: Tatry i Podhale

tel. +48 182653520
The Parish Church of the Holy Trinity in Łopuszna was erected in the second half of the C15th and consecrated in 1504. The church belongs to the older type of gothic wooden churches – it has a chancel ending in a straight wall, with a chapel attached to it from the outside.
Inside the church you can marvel at the ornamental polychrome decoration of the ceilings which dates from 1935, while the remnants of polychrome work from 1500 are still visible on the choir loft parapet. The most precious church fittings are: a C15th gothic triptych with a scene from the Coronation of Our Lady, placed on the main altar, as well as two baroque altars.

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