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Kościół świętego Marcina Biskupa Zawada

St. Martin’s Parish Church in Zawada

Drewniany kościół z wieżą wyrastającą z dachu, otoczony ogrodzeniem z kamienia i drewna oraz drzewami.

Zawada 47, 33-112 Tarnowiec Tourist region: Tarnów i okolice

tel. +48 146795505
St. Martin’s Parish Church in Zawada (C15th) stands on the crest of a hill. The church interior has impressive C20th polychrome decoration figurative on the ceilings and ornamental on the walls. The oldest fitting elements are the four late-gothic bas-reliefs on the choir parapet.
Another precious relic is the late-gothic crucifix from the beginning of the C16th. The early-baroque main altar from the first half of the C17th contains a painting of St. Martin which also dates from the same period. A curiosity is the chain, hung between the nave and chancel, which was probably produced by a blind pastor from a single piece of wood. Zawada is situated on the top of St. Martin's Peak (384 m above sea level), about 5 km south of the centre of Tarnów. The first mention of the Zawada parish comes from 1326. Archaeological digs have uncovered the remnants of an early medieval hill fort (dated at 9 th - 11 th century) and a near-by settlement from 10 th - 12 th century. The castle ruins are situated on a rocky peak on the north-east of the hill. The building was raised between 1328 and 1331 by Spycimir of Malsztyn.

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