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Miasto-ogród Mościce Tarnów

Mościce – the Garden District, Tarnów

Ulica, po bokach trawniki i wysokie drzewa. Po lewej aleja. Za ulicą chodnik , ogrodzenie metalowe i ogród z niską willą. Niebo bezchmurne.

33-100 Tarnów Tourist region: Tarnów i okolice

Mościce is relatively new administrative unit, created on the grounds of two villages (Świerczków and Dąbrówka Infułacka). It’s history can be traced back to 12 March, 1927, when the Polish Government designated the area a location site of new fertilizers factory.
Together with the factory, first housing estates for its employees were built. The district expanded and developed over the years, gaining new architectural and natural elements which reflected actual trends. Mościce were given its name after Ignacy Mościcki, President of Poland and the originator of the factory construction.

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