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Muzeum Podgórza Kraków

Podgórze Museum Kraków

Biały jednopiętrowy budynek Muzeum Podgórza w Krakowie. Przed nim znajduje się ulica z torami tramwajowymi, a nad nimi znajdują się przewody trakcyjne.

ul. Limanowskiego 51, 30-553 Kraków Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

tel. +48 123968101
tel. +48 123968102
In this museum, we will learn about the legends, myths, and rich history associated with Podgórze, which is now part of Kraków but was formerly a separate city with a multicultural character much like Kraków's.

By the decision of Emperor Joseph II Habsburg, Podgórze was granted city rights and then the status of a free royal town in 1784. In 1838, the first cadastral plan for Podgórze was drawn up, showing the buildings of the plot of land that today houses the Podgórze Museum. The plan shows that the outbuildings were enlarged at that time, and that the property included an orchard and garden. In the mid-19th century, the museum building housed a military hospital. The building was used for military functions in the second half of this century and the early 20th century – the 1870 plan shows artillery stores here and, in 1916, artillery workshops.

In 1915, Podgórze was merged with Kraków. The Podgórze Museum tells the history of this interesting place. By visiting the Museum and, of course, Podgórze itself,  we will learn about the relatively unknown yet important history of this part of the city and the figures who have influenced its identity. We can travel back to the earliest, legendary times, 'visit' the Royal Free City of Podgórze, and learn about  more recent history. In addition to the exhibits and descriptions, the museum has prepared recorded commentaries and witness accounts. You can also watch film versions of them. Audio guides are available on-site. Interactive games, puzzles and trivia related to the history and traditions of the area await the children. Those who decide to visit the facility have a choice of what to see from the permanent exhibition 'The City under the Mound of Krak', which is housed in four rooms  whose names are 'Between the Vistula River and St Benedict Mountain', 'The Royal Free City of Podgórze', 'Towards Freedom', and 'Podgórze Time'. In addition, temporary exhibitions are presented within the walls of the museum.

The Podgórze Museum is one of the branches of the Historical Museum of Kraków and was established jointly with the district's residents.

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