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Muzeum Uzdrowiska Szczawnica

Szczawnica Health Resort Museum

Budynek Uzdrowiska Szczawnica w stylu szwajcarskim. Widok z oddali z galerii w budynku naprzeciwko.

Plac Dietla 7, 34-460 Szczawnica Tourist region: Pieniny i Spisz

tel. +48 185400433
The small Health Resorts Museum presents the rich history of the Szczawnica resort. The Museum was created to present the history of Szczawnica against the background of historical changes, customs and tradition. The Health Resort Museum in Szczawnica is located in the elegant Pałac Villa on historic Dietl Square.
The Szczawnica Health Museum consists of three main exhibitions. The exhibition ‘Szczawnica Health Resort – 200 years of tradition’ was created following the celebrations of the bicentennial anniversary of the founding of the health resort in Szczawnica. There are many interesting exhibits related to medical treatments typical of the 19th and early 20th century. The museum’s curators managed to collect a valuable assortment of medical instruments and therapeutic devices. In addition to the exhibition showcases and historical artefacts, there is a great deal of interesting information about the Szczawnica Health Resort itself. Old lithographs and photographs featured in the exhibition ’How they were travelling to the Szczawnica springs’ provides a fascinating look at t 19th and 20th century travellers and how they travelled. The third exhibition, ‘The Stadnickis in Szczawnica’, shows how the Stadnicki family was linked with Szczawnica. In the 1990s, the descendants of Count Stadnicki, i.e., the family of Mańkowski, regained their rights to their ancestral holdings, and thanks to their efforts and investments, Szczawnica is again regaining its former glory.

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