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Tenczyński Park Krajobrazowy

Tenczyński Landscape Park

Słoneczny dzień. Na wzgórzu wśród drzew widać ruiny zamku, z basztami po bokach i po środku z wysoką wieżą z czerwonym dachem. Niebo z niewielkimi chmurami.

Tenczynek Tourist region: Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska, Tarnów i okolice

This park, which was established in 1981, is extremely interesting from the sightseeing point of view. It protects the forested areas of the Tenczyński Hump.

Its name derives from the Tenczyn Hump and the town of Tenczynek, related to the historical owners of the lands – the Tęczyński family and their castle in Tenczyn. The characteristic features of this area are the various rocks of volcanic or sub-volcanic origin from diverse historic periods such as the Carbon, Perm and Triassic era. The Kwaczała arcose (comprising sandstone and conglomerate) with fossilised tree trunks dated at over 300 million years is very interesting. Its sculpture features typical elements of the Jurassic landscape: rock formations, karst valleys, gorges, ravines, tectonic faults. The landscape is dominated by deeply cut valleys with limestone rock formations, as well as caves and rock shelters. Especially the nature reserves open to visitors are particularly attractive areas, including Zimny Dół, Mnikowska Valley, Kmita Rock and Lipowiec. The area is covered with broadleaved forests (with hornbeam, oak, beech and fir), Carpathian beech and pine. The natural curiosities include the stand of viola uliginosa, martagon lily, small-leaved helleborine and round-leaved sundew. In the village of Babice you can visit the ruins of a medieval castle. At the foot of the castle there is an interesting open-air museum of wooden construction (The Museum of Western Malopolska in Wygiełzów). The north-west part of the park is overgrown with the beautiful Dulowska Forest.



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