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Dom „Nad Zdrojami” Szczawnica

Villa 'Nad Zdrojami' in Szczawnica

Zabudowa uzdrowiskowa Szczawnicy. Willa w stylu szwajcarskim.

Plac Dietla 1, 34-460 Szczawnica Tourist region: Pieniny i Spisz

tel. +48 185400422
This magnificent Swiss-style villa was built in 1863 on the site of an earlier spa gazebo with 'Stefan' and 'Józefina' water intakes (after the names of the Szalay couple).

Thus, it served as the spa house at the entrance to the Upper Park (Park Górny). In 2002, the building was destroyed by fire, but it was soon rebuilt by the heirs of Count Adam Stadnicki, who are working to restore Szczawnica's status as the 'Queen of Polish Waters' and today it serves as a pump room, as had earlier been the case.

Between the pump room and a small villa called 'Szwajcarka', there used to be a built-up gallery housing the 'Haneczka' spa café. It burned down in 2002 as well. However, the building was rebuilt and now houses the Café Helenka.

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