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Wodospad Zaskalnik

Zaskalnik Waterfall (Radziejowa Range in Beskid Sądecki, Sopotnicki Stream)

Widok na wodospad Zaskalnik w Szczawnicy.

Szczawnica Tourist region: Beskid Sądecki i Niski

It is also known as the Sopotnicki Waterfall or Sewerynówka. It was formed on the Sopotnicki stream in the Radziejowa Range located in Beskid Sądecki.
The waterfall threshold reaches approx. 5 m high; it is built of sandstones. Just below it, as a result of the vortex movement of rock debris under the influence of falling water, a 2 m deep evorsive corrie was created. The former crown of the waterfall undergoes successive splitting, and therefore it goes back up the stream, leaving rocky abutments.

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