Looking at rivers it seems that they casually reach the end of their journey and flow into the sea...However, it isn’t until you go on a trip against the river current along the routes mapped out by Małopolska (Lesser Poland) flows, for instance the waterfall step leading up to the source, that their true nature is revealed. A source is defined as a place from which subterranean water flows out on the surface. Then it is mainly subject to gravitation only and reflects geological structure. Soft deposits are easily leacheable from the environment while in case of deposits more resistant to erosion, easily perceptible forms are created: rock steps, waterfalls, rocky bottoms. However, before subterranean water reaches the surface it, is subject to many years of filtration through rock strata. Thanks to this process it might be rich in minerals essential for the body to function properly, and also used in treating diseases. Health-resorts were built in places where such sources are located. In some of these resorts water is extracted from deep strata.Małopolska (Lesser Poland) is on the second place with regard to the number of health-resorts in Poland. There are also numerous sources scattered in the whole region, thermal springs in Podhale, and also...waterfalls hidden from people. It appears that water is essential not only for living but also tourism.


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