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Zamek Lipowiec Wygiełzów

Lipowiec Castle Wygiełzów

Widok z lotu ptaka na ruiny zamku wśród wysokich drzew, z wysoką okrągłą wieżą, z trzykondygnacyjnymi murami z małymi oknami, bez dachu, oraz częściowo widocznymi murami obronnymi oraz piękną panoramą na okolice pojedyncze budynki.

Wygiełzów, ul. Podzamcze 1, 32-551 Babice Tourist region: Oświęcim i okolice

tel. +48 326134062
fax. +48 326228749
tel. +48 326228749
tel. +48 885386913
West of Kraków, above the road towards Libiąż, there is a high, forested hill that can be seen from a large distance. A huge, white stone tower protrudes from its top and resembles a limestone crag.
Although only the tower can be seen from a distance, there are walls of a magnificent 18th century Episcopal castle hiding among the trees. At that time, bishops from Kraków erected a fortress, which they owned until the partition of Poland. Although the building has been ruined since the beginning of the 19th century, the walls have been protected and adapted for visitors. New stairs lead to the tower itself. You can also see the empty interiors, partially filled with rubble, as well as a small exhibition in reconstructed rooms on the first floor of the castle. It features old pictures and graphics of the castle and a small collection of various items found in the ruins.

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