Visit the regions of Małopolska. Only here can you reach your peak!

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Climbing to the summit of possibilities, reaching the sky, getting closer to the absolute, plunging into the darkness of shadowed valleys, and looking inside yourself while admiring unique landscapes and nature. Małopolska is not only an immeasurable wealth of mountains, both the jagged Tatra ridges and the gentle uplands of the Beskids, but also a wonderfully colourful mosaic of fields and meadows, right down to the ‘desert’ mirages.

It is the grey of the granite and the white of the limestone marked by millions of years of memory and the landscapes bequeathed to us by raging volcanoes and the glacial roll of history. On top of all this, the rich, carefully preserved and nurtured material and spiritual culture of the highlanders, the Lachs, and the Spis, Orawa and Kraków people... Let us discover together this regional phenomenon of Małopolska. We invite you to a world where ‘ka’ and ‘ke’ mean ‘where’. Because where else but Małopolska?

Tatry i Podhale Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska Pieniny i Spisz Gorce i Beskid Wyspowy
Beskid Sądecki i Niski Orawa i Beskid Żywiecki Beskid Mały i Makowski Pogórza



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