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Pałac Długoszów Siary Gorlice

Długosz Family Palace, Gorlice

Pałac o bogatej, różowej elewacji, piękny park z pergolą i fontanną.

ul. Węgierska 140, 38-300 Gorlice Tourist region: Beskid Sądecki i Niski

tel. +48 503199466
tel. +48 797334660
Długosz Family Palace, located 3.5 km from the centre of Gorlice, is truly the pearl of architecture of the Gorlice region.
The palace was owned by Władysław Długosz, who built it in the place of a small manor house bought from Władysław Dembowski. The present palace stands in place of the previous two palaces, which burned down in fires in 1916 and 1923. The Art Nouveau palace is located on a steep slope descending towards the Sękówka river. Built on the basis of a project by Fellner's and Helmer's Viennese architectural studio, known for the reconstruction of the castle theatre in Łańcut, it impresses with an interesting shape, oval dormers, mansard roofs and windows that reach almost to the floor. The rich architectural design of the palace fits perfectly with the sumptuous facade and interior decor, including spacious rooms, stairs with a marble balustrade, ballroom, beautiful tiled stoves and fireplaces. In the charming park surrounding the palace, you can admire garden sculptures of the well-known Lviv sculptor Piotr Wojtowicz, from whom Długosz ordered about 60 stone sculptures. A pond with a bridge, a stream, a fountain and a magnificent pergola with a row of poles, on which plants of several species climb, all give the park special charm. During the war, the palace was turned into the headquarters of Wehrmacht. In the 1980s, it seated a training and recreation centre for agricultural workers.

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