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Brama Seklerska Tarnów

The Szekelys Gate, Tarnów

Drewniana brama z gontowym dachem.

ul. Krakowska, 33-100 Tarnów Tourist region: Tarnów i okolice

The gate was given to Tarnów authorities as a gift from Hungarians, commemorating 170th anniversary of Battle of Ostrołęka.
It is one of the only two gates of such type in Poland (second one is located in Stary Sącz). The name of the gate originates from a word “Szekelys” (siculi) and it stands for folk, or a nation. Up to the 14th century the term “siculitas” was treated the same as the term “gentry”. Carved Szekelys Gates were usually made of high-quality oak wood. The gates in their structure resemble european craftsmenship, while ornamental grids of carved floral motifs, moustache and many other symbols reflect the relation to paralell worlds. On the gate, there is an inscription which says: “Peace to the entering, bless to the exiting.”

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