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Ogrody Sensoryczne Muszyna

Sensory Gardens in Muszyna

Zdjęcie przedstawia część Ogrodów Sensorycznych w Muszynie. Autor fotografii przedstawia alejki Ogrodu pełne zieleni.

Aleja Zdrojowa na Zapopradziu, 33-370 Muszyna Tourist region: Beskid Sądecki i Niski

The Gardens of Senses, otherwise known as Sensory Gardens, are an idea to adapt parks not only for relaxation in nature but, above all, for therapeutic and educational purposes.

Everyone, regardless of health condition and age, can use the sensory gardens. It is a relaxing place, full of silence and peace. The Sensory Gardens in Muszyna are designed to stimulate all five senses: smell, sight, touch, hearing and taste. In addition to their cognitive function, they help build interpersonal bonds through educational games. The gardens are fully adapted to the needs of disabled persons and prams: comfortable park paths facilitate walking, and information boards of individual zones are also available to the blind (messages in Braille). The Gardens of Senses in Muszyna are divided into eight zones.

  • The health zone - there are various devices for outdoor exercise.
  • The scent zone - where plants are selected so that the concentration of smells is as intense as possible, and different bouquets are combined into unique aromatic compositions.
  • The sound zone is worth stopping at to listen to the rustle of trees, chirping of birds, the murmur of water from the stream and the crunch of gravel under foot.
  • The scent and touch zone - in this part of the garden, the senses of touch and smell are used simultaneously.
  • The taste zone - fruit bushes and trees grow here, allowing one to observe and taste the annual vegetation of the plants.
  • The sight zone permeates the entire gardens, creating a mosaic of the beautiful natural landscape of the Poprad Landscape Park and the power of human thought and the desire to subjugate the forces of nature by man.
  • The Aphrodite zone - its patron is the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, who symbolically waters paradise's apple trees planted by newlyweds from her amphora.
  • The zone of tales and legends of Muszyna - the youngest zone in the Gardens of Senses, referring to the times and beliefs of the inhabitants of the State of Muszyna.

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