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Rowerowe miasteczko Ruchu drogowego Wieliczka

A bicycle town of road traffic Wieliczka

Dwoje dzieci, jedno na hulajnodze, drugie na rowerku w Miasteczku Ruchu Drogowego w Wieliczce.

ul. Józefa Jedynaka 5, 32-020 Wieliczka Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

Learning traffic rules through fun – an outdoor attraction for children.
Wieliczka offers the youngest fun and education in one, inviting them the specially designed town of road traffic.

The town is a mine of knowledge for children on what concerns learning the rules of the road traffic. What’s more, you can practice the acquired knowledge right away. As you well know, kids learn through play. The whole town was organised so that it could arrange as much of the real traffic situations as possible. Kids can learn, among other things, how to behave before entering the pedestrian crossing. They also become participants of traffic and learn what to do on different types of crossroads, at roundabout or at railway or tramway crossing. In addition, children can be taught about traffic lights that are so important in our streets and how to follow their signalling. Importantly, everything is carried out in safe conditions and with lots of fun. It’s thanks to such locations that kids can be prepared in a friendly way to behave skilfully in real traffic situations. They will feel sure facing signs and traffic lights on bicycle paths, sidewalks and streets. In the town, you will find: Traffic light Roundabouts Several crossroads Pedestrian crossings Sidewalks Bicycle paths Railway and tramway crossings Pedestrian walkway The town is located in Wieliczka, at ul. Józefa Jedynaka 5.

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