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Kopiec Kościuszki Janowiczki

Kościuszko mound, Janowiczki

Drewniany krzyż obok drzew.

32-222 Janowiczki Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

The Kościuszko mound in Janowiczki near Racławice is situated on a hill called Zamczysko.
From this hill Gen. Kościuszko observed the course of the battle and gave out orders. As part of the celebration of the battle’s 100th anniversary, a wooden cross was erected and five lime trees were planted on the hill, which symbolise Kościuszko and his four generals: Madaliński, Małachowski, Zajączek and Wodzicki. The mound was raised in 1934. It's almost 14 metres high. It was built by soldiers and inhabitants of nearby villages.