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Kazimierz – Dzielnica Żydowska Kraków

Kazimierz – the Jewish Quarter

Widok na restaurację Ariel,  przed restauracją ustawione są stoliki z krzesłami. Restauracja znajduje się przy ulicy Szerokiej w Krakowie.

Kraków Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

A unique district of Kraków, added to the UNESCO World Heritage List, and a place of great importance for Jewish culture.

The history of this location dates back to 1335, when King Casimir the Great decided to establish a town bearing his name near the Wawel Castle. After a pogrom, Jews were moved to the town in 1494 and formed a ghetto, where they stayed away from the rest of the residents. Thus began the heyday of Jewish Kazimierz, which ended only during World War II.

Today, Kazimierz is a must-see destination for tourists staying in Kraków, who can stroll the mysterious streets to feel the spirit of Kraków's Boehme. It is a place teeming with cultural life all year round, attracting tourists with its unique architecture and history, exceptional klezmer music and cuisine. The yards and alleyways still exude the atmosphere of the history of Polish Jewry.

Kraków’s Kazimierz is home to seven synagogues, which lure visitors with their unique architecture and diverse interiors. Particularly worthy of note is the 15th-century Old Synagogue, which is a branch of the Kraków Museum and presents the history and culture of the Jews of Kraków. Cafes and restaurants offer local dishes and traditional Jewish cuisine. It is also worthwhile to stop by the New Square and have a taste of the famous zapiekanki in numerous variants – they are said to be the best in Europe. The annual Jewish Culture Festival attracts crowds by presenting the rich Jewish culture through music, a unique atmosphere and culinary offerings. While in Kazimierz, do not forget about the magnificent sacred monuments associated with the Catholic religion – the local churches offer a great lesson in the architecture and history of Kraków.

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