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Muzeum Kultury Ludowej Sidzina

The Regional Museum in Sidzina

Skansen w Sidzinie
Sidzina-Bińkówka, 34-236 Sidzina Tourist region: Beskid Żywiecki i Orawa
tel. +48 501597208
The Regional Museum in Sidzina opened in 1963 to mark the 400th anniversary of Sidzina’s founding.
The creator of the open-air museum is Adam Leśniak. In it you can see an exhibition of traditional buildings from the Orawa region, including the peasant cottage and fittings of W. Banasik from 1806; a granary called “Górka” (hill) from 1897, which houses the Institute of National Memory, dedicated to the memory of September 1939 soldiers and World War II partisans, as well as a smithy transferred from Spytkowice. An unusual adornment to the open-air museum is a wooden Loreto bell-tower dating from 1937.