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Bacówka Stanisława Jarząbka Gliczarów Górny

Stanisław Jarząbek's Shepherd's Hut in Gliczarów Górny

Tradycyjny oscypek wyrabiany przez bacę w bacówce w Witowie.

Gliczarów Górny Tourist region: Tatry i Podhale

Stanisław Jarząbek's shepherd's hut is located by the picturesque road from Gliczarów to Poronin. The senior shepherd continues the family tradition, focusing mainly on the production of oscypek and bundz.

A good senior shepherd has a lot of sheep, which is why Jarząbek, together with his several helpers, pastures more than 600 of them. He not only produces excellent oscypek, but also he is always in good spirits. For it should be noted that among the highlanders a shepherd is a one-man institution – his opinion is respected and others often benefit from his expertise. Some of the shepherds, including Stanisław Jarząbek, are worthy successors to the legendary Sabała, who spills anecdotes and jokes up his sleeve – he simply enjoys talking to people. Anyone who visits this shepherd's hut can expect not only excellent sheep milk products, but also a unique atmosphere. It is a well-known fact that highlanders' hospitality and humour are something known and appreciated all over Poland. By the way, you can ask the shepherd about the secrets behind making good oscypek or about living in harsh conditions away from the family home. However, according to many highlanders, shepherd's huts also have their positive aspects. Suffice it to say that not so long ago it was strictly forbidden for wives of the homestead owners to enter the shepherd’s hut.

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