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Bacówka Jana Bafii Gliczarów Górny

Jan Bafia's Shepherd's Hut in Gliczarów Górny

Przybliżenie na kilka oscypków na półce w Bacówce Wojciecha Gromady w Jaworkach.

Gliczarów Górny Tourist region: Tatry i Podhale

He has dealt with sheep since he was a child, but he has been shepherding in Gliczarów for only a few years. However, he chose the place deliberately because this town in Podhale is famous not only for its excellent regional products and unspoiled nature but because of its extraordinarily beautiful views of the Tatra Mountains.

Jan Bafia looks after and pastures flocks of at least 500–600 sheep every year. 'There have always been sheep in the family on my mother's side. When I was 16 I used to shepherd in Krynica', he recalls. Once he took lambs from his uncle Józef Galica from Stasikówka and raised them on his own. Love for animals was also instilled in him by his grandfather Stanislaw Bafia. 'Horses are also my passion,' the shepherd emphasises. 'But at heart, he has decided to become engaged in shepherding, the foundation of highland culture. It's true that nowadays most highlanders make their living from tourism, but there are still enthusiasts who see in sheep farming something more than just a way to make a living. Maybe that's why in the sheep milk cheeses produced here you can directly feel the highlanders' love and passion for sheep and shepherding. The unforgettable panorama of the Tatra Mountains stretching from Gliczarów Górny adds to the thrill. It has been a popular place for a few years now, especially for those who want to settle near the Tatra Mountains, away from the hustle and bustle, in search of the most beautiful views of the Tatras. You can’ttravel to Podhale and not take the time to visit, at least for a while, Gliczarow Górny located right next to Bukowina Tatrzańska.

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