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Bacówka Stanisława Mąki Leśnica

Stanisław Mąka's Shepherd's Hut in Leśnica

Zielona łąka usiana kwiatami, po prawej stronie mała Bacówka w Leśnicy. Koło niej jest kilka drzew, w oddali widnieją zalesione wzgórza i zachmurzone niebo.

Leśnica Tourist region: Tatry i Podhale

The senior shepherd Mąka has been pasturing in Leśnica for 10 years. His shepherd's hut is located on the road to Gronków, near his family home. That's why his family helps him with his flock of sheep.

Stanislaw Mąka shepherds by the road to Gronków, while the flocks, or if you prefer, sheep herds, graze in Leśnica. It is worth noting here that Podhale Is still a region full of contrasts despite its tourism development. In addition to well-known tourist resorts such as Bukowina or ski resorts such as Białka, right next door there are also small villages in which the highland traditions and rural landscape predominate. Who among us doesn't miss something like this? It's worth buying sheep milk cheese in a place where tradition is omnipresent. Oscypki, but also żętyca and bundz made by Stanislaw Mąka are praised all over Leśnica and Groń. His oscypki are said to be the best in the region. Perhaps the senior shepherd uses his family's old recipes. Mr Stanisław first assisted his father when he pastured the sheep. Then his brothers became senior shepherds, and this time it is his turn. So he has completed the entire shepherd's career path and knows more about shepherding and producing oscypek than anyone else. The family secrets of making, for example, the famous oscypek, are the reason why the cheeses from his shepherd's hut are so tasty.

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