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Bacówka Wojciecha Gała Pająka Groń

Wojciech Gał Pająk's Shepherd's Hut in Groń

Bacówka Wojciecha Gałą Pająka w Groniu na wzniesieniu, otoczona zieloną trawą i drzewami.

Groń Tourist region: Tatry i Podhale

He has been shepherding on his own for 14 years. The 'U Pająka' Shepherd's Hut derives from its nickname and is located on Janiołów Wierch in Groń. It should be remembered that over the years and decades there have been so many highlanders with the same surname that they were distinguished by their nicknames. In some cases nowadays surnames are just nicknames and the main popular one has been forgotten.

The shepherd's hut located on Janiołów Wierch in Groń was built here 23 years ago. 'We have been shepherding for many generations', emphasises Wojciech Gał Pająk. 'I have been looking after sheep with my father since I was a child', he points out. When he was young, his father used to shepherd with his brother Jan in the Bieszczady Mountains. In the summer, the shepherd pastures a flock of 400 sheep, including his own flock of over 50. The sheep graze on clearings near Gliczarów Górny and Bukowina Tatrzańska. Mr Wojciech is assisted at the shepherd's hut by his father and brother-in-law, and the possessions are guarded by a Tatra Shepherd Dog. The family business not only dates back to his grandfather, but nowadays all highlander working here are related to each other. They have known each other for many years and are able to make excellent use of the positive qualities of each member of the team. Perhaps that is why the oscypek and other sheep delicacies here are so good and of unparalleled taste. According to the experts, the żentyca served here during the season is one of the best in whole Podhale, possibly in the whole south of Małopolska. Groń is another village in Podhale still undiscovered by the mass tourists, and this really is a huge plus in the eyes of many.

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