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Bacówka Mariana Sądelskiego Leśnica

Marian Sadelski's Shepherd's Hut in Leśnica

Wędzone i niewędzone serki góralskie leżą poukładane na stole.

Leśnica Tourist region: Tatry i Podhale

He started helping his father Władysław with the sheep when he was just 6 years old. And so it was until recently, when his father retired 2 years ago – took over the family-owned shepherd's hut. Now it is he who pastures the sheep at his shepherd's hut.

Władysław Sądelski has been shepherding for so long that he can't recall the exact day he started.  He was already a shepherd's helper as a young boy, so the world of the sheep has no secrets for him, as is true now for his son Marian. The shepherd's hut is located on Sądel in Leśnica, and the sheep are pastured on the Gile estate, in Szaflary and Gliczarów Dolny. It is worth noting that Leśnica is a charming, quiet and peaceful village, although it is located, after all, not far from Białka and Bukowina Tatrzańska. Here, wildlife still comes close to the windows of traditional highlander houses, and sheep grazing on the meadows is an everyday occurrence. And it's worth adding here that every year the members of Sądelski family shepherd about 700 sheep, including more than 250 of their own. 'If I didn't have sheep from different farmers, even only my sheep would be enough for the shepherd's hut because I raise quite a few of them', Marian Sadelski points out. He is assisted in shepherding by his sons Daniel and Wojtuś, who have already announced that they will be senior shepherds in the future. Where there are sheep and a top-notch senior shepherd, there are always excellent sheep milk delicacies – not only oscypek, but also excellent gołki or refreshing żentyca. While on a tourist holiday in Białka or Bukowina it’s well worth visiting the shepherd's hut in Leśnica with its traditional products made from sheep's milk.

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