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Cmentarz wojenny numer 357 Kamionka Mała

War Cemetery no. 357 in Kamionka Mała

Stary kamienny nagrobek z czarnym krzyżem maltańskim z datą 1914 i zieloną tabliczką z napisem nazwisko nieznane.

Kamionka Mała, 34-602 Laskowa Tourist region: Gorce i Beskid Wyspowy

The cemetery, encircled by a wooden fence, was designed by Gustav Ludwig.
The cemetery features both individual graves and mass graves with concrete steles with three kinds of crosses melted in – a different cross for each of the fighting armies. The cemetery also features a stone mound with a cross and concrete plaques bearing the names of the fallen soldiers. A magnificent wooden chapel based on a stone pedestal located further down in the cemetery was placed on the Wooden Architecture Trail thanks to its high artistic value. The cemetery is the burial site of 92 Austro-Hungarian, 11 German and 157 Russian soldiers. They were mostly killed on the nearby Kobyła Mount above Rajbrot where bloody battles were fought December 8–13, 1914. The peak of this strategic mountain repeatedly changed hands, and each attack left hundreds of killed and wounded. The Russian units of the Eight Corps of the Eight Army commanded by General Brusilov were the enemy of the allies of the Royal-Imperial Army (first the Germans from the 47th Prussian Infantry Regiment, and then Hungarian Hussars).

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