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Kwatera wojenna numer 381 na cmentarzu komunalnym Wieliczka

War Quarter no. 381 on the Communal Cemetery in Wieliczka

Płyta pomnika.

ul. Piłsudskiego, 32-020 Wieliczka Tourist region: Pogórza

The large communal cemetery features the war quarter, which constitutes one of the war cemeteries of Western Galicia.
It is ornamented with a magnificent monument in the form of an antique altar, dedicated to the “Pro Patria Mortuis,” i.e. those who died for the fatherland during the First World War. The monument is part of the wall encircling the rectangular cemetery complex. The characteristic metal crosses are located around the quarter. The entire cemetery was designed by Hans Mayr who also designed cemeteries in the vicinity of Gorlice. Among the soldiers buried there are: 71 Austro-Hungarian soldiers from various units, 7 German and 8 Russian soldiers. The Russian forces temporarily captured Wieliczka in the early December of 1914, and used it as a base for the attack on Kraków Fortress. The fortress artillery bombarded Wieliczka during fights, however, the heaviest cannons were not used in order not to destroy the existing local salt mine. A few days after the Battle of Limanowa, the Russians had to depart from Wieliczka.

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