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Cmentarz wojenny Ogonów Kaliś

Ogonów War Cemetery in Kaliś

Fragment płyty nagrobnej z wyrytym napisem w języku polskim.

32-340 Kaliś Tourist region: Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska

855 soldiers who were killed in action in November 18-27, 1914, and who died later on in the military hospital in Wolbrom are buried on the war cemetery in Kaliś.
Among the 773 Austro-Hungarian soldiers of the First Army headed by General Viktor Dankl are the Czechs, Austrians, Poles, Hungarian, and Slovaks. A Polish legionary was also buried there. The graves of 81 Russian soldiers of the Ninth Army of General Plato Leczycki are located nearby. In November of 1914, the Russian offensive on Kraków and Silesia, the so-called “steam roller,” approached the Jurassic Krakowsko-Częstochowska Upland. However, the units of the Ninth Russian Army commanded by General Plato Leczycki encountered the Austro-Hungarian forces of the First Army commanded by General Viktor Dankl ready for defence at the line of the limestone hills. A part of the Fourth Austro-Hungarian Army commanded by Archduke Joseph Ferdinand was getting ready to counterattack in the vicinity of Kraków. Fierce battles were fought in the vicinity of the village of Kaliś, as the front stopped there for about six weeks.

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