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Dwór Feillów Bella Vita Wola Zręczycka

The Bella Vita manor house

Dwór Bella Vita, Wola Zręczycka

Wola Zręczycka 51, Zręczyce Tourist region: Pogórza

The Bella Vita manor house, situated among forests and meadows of the Wieliczka Footkills, has a unique atmosphere.
Erected in the 19th century and partially converted in the 1930s, it has maintained the charm of old residences.  Red mansard roof, larch log walls and the stone foundation bring to mind the archetypal landed estate. It is one of the few well preserved historic wooden manor houses. It is worth entering the building to see an art gallery with interesting exhibitions. You can also see a beautifully arranged drawing room with historic furniture. The house, whose name can be translated as “Beautiful Life”, also houses a hotel and a restaurant. From spring to autumn, you can relax in a summer garden and enjoy coffee and snacks in the shadow of the trees.