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Szpital przy ul. Siemiradzkiego Kraków

Hospital at ul. Siemiradzkiego, Kraków

Szary budynek Szpitala Siemiradzkiego w Krakowie. Przy budynku biegnie droga, przy której zaparkowane są samochody. Tuż obok nich widać jesienne drzewo.

Siemiradzkiego 1, 31-137 Kraków Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

tel. +48 126342600
The house at ul. Siemiradzkiego has its rich history.
Just before World War I, it housed a private clinic of Doctor Rutkowski. Here, on the first floor in a corner isolation room, one of the greatest Poles, painter, poet, multi-talented artist – Stanisław Wyspiański was treated and died later on. The death came after several days of his stay in hospital – on 28 November 1907. Currently, the hospital functions as the Non-Public Health Care Institution.