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Dolina Kluczwody

Kluczwoda Valley (Kraków Valleys Landscape Park)

Po bokach i u góry skały jaskini pokryte częściowo mchem. Za nimi skała niczym głowa z trąbą mamuta i dalej drzewa liściaste. Przy skale - trąbie kilka mniejszych głazów. W oknie pomiędzy skałami drzewo i błękitne niebo z białymi chmurami.

Bolechowice Tourist region: Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska

A beautiful dell near Kraków, also called the Wierzchówka Valley, stretches for 6 kilometres from Bębło to Bolechowice.
A stream, also dubbed Kluczwoda (meaning wandering water, since it wanders through the valley), meanders into the Rudawa river. The most precious area of great natural interest - a forest gorge with steep sides situated in the lower part of the valley between Gacki and Wierzchowie - has been protected since 1989. The reserve ensconces this characteristic landscape covered with dry-ground forest complexes and xerothermic rock plant formations. One of the valley’s climbing attractions is the Zamkowa Rock with ruins of a knight’s watchtower estimated to date back to the 14th century. However, the greatest treasure of the whole valley is the Wierzchowska Górna Cave situated near the Wierzchowie village. This natural monument is almost one kilometre long, 700 metres of which has been adapted to sightseeing (the longest route of this type in Poland, available only by guided tour: Apr-Nov). The underground route leads through chambers and corridors bejewelled with beautiful mineral deposits.

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