Dolina Szklarki

Szklarka Valley (Kraków Valleys Landscape Park)

Szklarka Valley (Kraków Valleys Landscape Park)
Szklary Tourist region: Jura Krakowsko- Częstochowska
Tourist subregion: Krakowski
Facilities at natural sites: Viewing point, Information boards
Type of natural attractions: Other, Forest complexes, Natural monument, Natural viewpoint
Parking: Car park
The longest valley of the Kraków Valleys Landscape Park. It is about 9 km long and is almost completely occupied by rural buildings.
The lower part of the valley is free from buildings and it becomes visibly narrower; it becomes forested, deep, and on the sides limestone rocks of varying age appear. This results from, among other things, the fact that this area is cut with latitudinal faults. Also, an educational path goes through this area and it introduces its geological structure.

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