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Dolina Kościeliska

The Kościeliska Valley

Kwitnąca na fioletowo Hala Pisana w Dolinie Kościeliskiej. Na drugim planie las iglasty. W tle granie tatrzańskich pasm górskich.

Kościelisko Tourist region: Tatry i Podhale

A highly charming walking route leads through the Kościeliska Valley.
The green-marked trail, wandering among rock formations, starts in Kiry and leads to one of the most climatic Tatra hostels - the PTTK Hostel on Hala Ornak. The route is about 9 km long and, according to the map, can be covered in 1 hour and 40 minutes.

A characteristic feature of the Kościeliska Valley is the immediate vicinity of caves available for exploring (for example, the famous Raptawicka or Mroźna Caves). From the Kościeliskiej Valley, more advanced tourists can take on the hardships of the ascent to Czerwone Wierchy, through Chuda Przełączka or by the less frequented Tomanowa Valley. Meanwhile, those who appreciate more accessible routes with an equally delightful and picturesque panorama can choose a walk to Hala Stoły, lying at the foot of Kominarski Wierch, to Przysłop Miętusi or over the Smreczyński Pond with a view of Błyszcz and Bystra - the highest peak of the Western Tatras.  

In Kiry, one can easily find a parking space in one of several car parks. The Kościeliska Valley can also be easily reached using public transport.

Admission to the Valley is paid.

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