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Miasto i Gmina Czarny Dunajec

Town and commune of Czarny Dunajec

Po prawej murowany kościół z wysoką, kwadratową wieżą z wieżyczką z baniastym hełmem i sygnaturką. Dalej długa nawa i po bokach niższe przybudówki. Na około trawniki i alejka oraz betonowy mur. Przed kościołem szeroki chodnik i duża korona liściastego drzewa. Po lewej ulica i budynki w zabudowie szeregowej. Za nimi i z tyłu wiele domów, drzewa, łąki i w tle niewielkie zalesione wzniesienia.

Czarny Dunajec Tourist region: Tatry i Podhale

At the foot of the Tatras and Mt Babia Góra, on the Polish-Slovak border stretches a vast plain in the centre of which lies the town and municipality of Czarny Dunajec. In the valley of the river of the same name, in the Orava-Nowotarska Valley and the Gubałowskie Foothills, we will find a charming land where history mixes with modernity and tradition has been alive for generations.

The Czarny Dunajec commune is a land of diverse landscapes, where the purple of heather blooming on the high moors intertwines with the juicy greenery of meadows and fields against the snow-covered Tatra peaks. Here, nature lovers will come across many places to commune with specimens of rare fauna (grouse, black stork, towny owls) and flora (sundew, orchid). There are kilometres of footpaths and cycling trails, and in winter, trails for track and cross-country skiing for lovers of active recreation. Active leisure amateurs will find kilometres of footpaths and cycling trails and, in winter, trails for track and cross-country skiing.

Whether in winter or summer, the Chochołów Thermal Baths await arriving guests. Many attractions await lovers of hot baths and water amusements. In winter, in the town of Czarny Dunajec, there is an indoor ice rink, which, in the summer, is transformed into an indoor sports centre.

Czarny Dunajec is also the newest spa in the Małopolska Voivodeship. Czarny Dunajec received the Status of Spa Protection in 2016. Thanks to the geothermal waters and the deposits of medicinal peat, which are used in peat treatments, as well as the favourable bioclimatic conditions, the Commune authorities are working intensively towards the creation of a balneo-climatic spa, ideal for treating many illnesses, regaining vitality and relaxing.

Lovers of history and architecture, whether hiking or cycling, will not be disappointed. On the territory of the Commune, there are many monuments of folk and sacred architecture. It is difficult not to mention the largest pearl – Chochołów. Many call the historic wooden village a living Open-Air Museum, and it is famous for wooden houses dating from the 17th and 19th centuries and the neo-Gothic Church of St. Jacek. Many of the villages belonging to the Czarny Dunajec Commune - there are 15 of them - are famous not only for their houses maintained in a traditional style but also for their sacred monuments, such as the Church of the Holy Trinity from 1863 in Czarny Dunajec, the Church of St. Rozalia from 1787 in Podszkle, and the Church of St. James from 1878 in Piekielnik. 


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