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Obelisk na wzgórzu Kaim Kraków

Obelisk on Kaim Hill in Kraków

Pomnik w formie obelisku widziany z lotu ptaka. Za nim jesienne drzewa. W tle widać zabudowania miasta.

ul. Zolla, 32-020 Kraków Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

The Austrians established field fortifications on Kaim Hill (265 m above sea level), which were the largest external unit of the Kraków Fortress, stretching southeast of the fort line of the external ring of the fortress.
This site consisted of five strong points and eight flanking positions. Between a half and two infantry companies, armed with 2 to 6 heavy machine guns, were needed to man all the positions. During the fights in December of 1914, many bloody bayonet clashes with the Russian infantry invading the trenches took place on the site. Eventually, the Austrians forced the Russians to retreat toward Wieliczka. A year later, in commemoration of the victory on Kaim Hill, an obelisk was erected, funded by the command of Kraków Fortress. The representatives of the city authorities, army and clergy gathered at the momentous ceremony. Among the attendees were Juliusz Leo, Mayor of the City of Kraków, Prince Adam Stefan Sapieha Bishop of Kraków, and the commander of Kraków Fortress, General Karl Kuk. The obelisk bore the inscription: “This is where the Austro-Hungarian Army defeated the farthest reaching units of the Russian Army on December 6, 1914”.

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