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Tężnia solankowa Wieliczka

The Brine Graduation Tower Wieliczka

Widok z tarasu Tężni Solankowej w Wieliczce na miasto i wieżę tężni.

Park Kingi 1, 32-020 Wieliczka Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

tel. +48 122787302
tel. +48 122787366
Built in 2014, the Wieliczka graduation tower, with an area of 7500 square metres, is the largest facility of this kind in southern Poland. Located right next to the Wieliczka Salt Mine, and resembling a medieval castle, it attracts tourists primarily for health and recreational reasons.

The salt spray generated there is considered one of the best natural treatments for people with chronic respiratory diseases, and is one of the best ways to strengthen the immune system. A visit to the graduation tower cleanses the airways and, therefore, should be undertaken regularly by allergy sufferers, as well as patients with rhinitis, bronchitis, sinusitis and acute respiratory infections. Visiting the graduation tower is also recommended for healthy people, especially those exposed to air pollution. Moreover, the unique microclimate in this place allows you to relax and regain energy.  

The optimal time to spend in the graduation tower to achieve the right effect is 30 minutes.

An additional attraction of a visit to the brine graduation tower is its observation deck atop an octagonal, over 22 metres high observation tower, from which you can admire the panorama of Wieliczka and its surroundings.

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