Wąwóz Bolechowicki

Bolechowicki Ravine (Kraków Valleys Landscape Park, Bolechowicka Valley)

Bolechowicki Ravine (Kraków Valleys Landscape Park, Bolechowicka Valley)
Bolechowice Tourist subregion: Krakowski
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Plac Na Stawach 3, Kraków
Type of natural attractions: Nature reserve
It is a nature reserve created on the border of Olkuska Upland and Krzeszowicki Trench. It is completely forested, milder in the initial part where on the double rock step a small waterfall formed.
The Bolechowicka Valley, 1.5 kilometres long, is a small wonder of nature. A shallow gorge of rocky walls, which stretches from Karniowice to Bolechowice in the dells near Kraków, is the rock climbers’ favourite destination. Despite the fact that in 1968 the area was designated as a nature reserve, this form of sport is only permitted when using the already fixed hooks on the rocks. The reserve, which is called the Bolechowicki Gorge, protects the site of a characteristic pass – an enormous gate guarding the entrance to the valley – and the nearby picturesque limestone rocks and caves as well as the forest communities and xerothermic grass. The reserve also encompasses the habitat of Betula oycoviensis (a type of birch tree), interesting karst springs and two small waterfalls. The most impressive element is the gate itself with its 30-metre-high right wing, Filar Abazego (Abazy Pillar), and the even taller 35-metre-high left wing, Filar Pokutników (Pillar of the Penitents). The Gate was once a training ground for the most outstanding Polish alpinists and Himalayan mountaineers, as well as others who want to follow in their footsteps today.
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