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Dolina Będkowska

The Będkowska Valley

Rodzina na wycieczce rowerowej w Dolinie Będkowskiej. W tle skałki.

Będkowice Tourist region: Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska

One of the largest and considered the most beautiful of valleys located in the Krakow Valleys Landscape Park. This is where mountaineering was born, and it is still the mecca of climbers.

This valley with the impressive Będkowska Gate and its own waterfall known as Szum is an ideal place for families with a pram, as the valley boasts an asphalt road, and is a particularly beautiful place. It is over seven kilometres long and stretched from Łączki Kobylańskie to Jerzmanowice. In the valley you can easily admire Sokolica. The 90-meter-high rock on which the stronghold once stood towers over the area. The initial fragment of the Będkowska Valley is waterless; in the middle there is a grouping of limestone rocks of various and original forms; in the lower fragment, the asymmetry of the slopes is noticeable – the western ones are rocky as opposed to the eastern ones. On the sides there are blind ended valleys placed above the main valley. The valley can be comfortably reached from Będkowice.

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