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Szałasowy Ołtarz Hala Turbacz

Turbacz Pasture in Gorce, the Hut Altar

Drewniany ołtarz, przy nim fragmenty ścian, nad nim dach. Na ścianach mapa oraz obraz przedstawiający Jana Pawła II.

Hala Turbacz, Nowy Targ Touristische Region: Gorce i Beskid Wyspowy

Karol Wojtyła very often crossed the Gorce Range, one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the Beskid Mountains, since these mountains are the quintessence of the Beskid landscape, so loved by the Polish Pope.
Near Mt Turbacz (1,310 m above sea level), the highest peak of the Gorce, spreads the beautiful Turbacz Pasture. It features a reconstruction of one of the walls of a former shepherd’s hut with a horizontal board placed in the door – the Hut Altar, placed here to commemorate many of the field masses Karol Wojtyła celebrated during his mountain hikes. The mass on Turbacz Pasture was rather extraordinary since in 1953 the young priest said the mass facing the group of worshippers – and it was 10 years before the Second Vatican Council until which priests had said the mass facing the altar, with their backs to the worshippers! Next to the Hut Altar stands a large rock with a plaque describing this unique event.

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